Monday, September 2, 2013

Hello again people of the internet!

Hello again people of the internet!

Your Galactose concept artist here! I've been away studying in Japan. Now that I am back I see a lot of changes and better ideas I have for the characters. I feel like they might be a bit too stiff and the coloring over done for the simplicity of the characters. I'm going to be working on some new poses, just for a more natural feeling and less coloring. Something more simplistic to fit the characters.

Currently we have at least three characters a possible forth (I'll talk about at the end).

The first as I mentioned in my first post (here Older blog) is the "main" Stg. Sprinkles. This concept piece feels a bit stiff to me. The leader type.

The second character will be the right hand wo-man Ice DeBerry Creame, yes it's a pun off of Charlotte de Berry the famous female pirate. The serious type.

The third character will be the funny and crazy type character. I don't have a set name on  him yet (In fact none of the names are 100% set in stone yet). But I like to call him Cherry Bomb Pie.

The forth tentative character(s) are two twin brother and sister characters. If we do have these characters they will be for the banana split ship.

Right-o, I don't have much more to report on for art. We MIGHT be going to MAGFest JAN. 2014 - NATIONAL HARBOR, MD. If we do please stop by and say hello to me. 8)

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