Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hello out there, I'm the 2D artist for Galactose

Hello out there, I'm the 2D artist for Galactose. My name is Mignon, and my online tag is Zakuga. Zakuga is my tag for pretty much everything. I started drawing for Galactose when Matt our composer asked around newgrounds for an artist. It's a pretty cool game and it will be awesome when its out of development.

 I'm working on new character art for the game. Currently we have 3 new characters that will be coming out: Sgt. Sprinkles, the rogue captain; Ice deBerry Creame, his right hand battle ready woman; Cherry Bom-Pie, the explosion happy bomber. These characters are still being developed and are still subject to change. :)

Here is a preview of Sgt. Sprinkles:

I hope you like him.
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