Monday, September 16, 2013

Popsicle Sniper Progress

Hello everyone. Sid here. So, I don't have a whole lot done since my last post mainly because of some college stuff I had to do, but I will show you guys some ideas I've put together for a new type of ship! As David might have mentioned in the previous post, there are a few different types of ships that are in the game. I've put together some ideas for a new type of ship that will be long ranged and I began doing a bit of work on a ship called the "Popsicle Sniper" for the Dessert faction. Why a popsicle? Well . . . .I'm not quite sure, but I think I picked it because it was long and would look bad @ss with a huge long barrel cannon attached to it! Anyways, I've only just started on it, but here is a pic of some work in progress:

 Here's a sideways version of it. . . . in case we want something different.

SO, that is what I have for right now. Slow progress, but more to come later! Cya guys in the next post!

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