Sunday, July 7, 2013

Command View Feature: Tactics/Battle Plans

Hey all! It's been a while since I've posted. Time kinda disappears on you after you graduate and get a job... BUT- we are all still actively working here, and to prove it I'm showing off the beginnings of a new feature we're adding to the mothership/command view.

To make strategizing both more significant and more manageable we're adding the ability to execute pre-defined battle plans or tactics. They could be as simple as a pincer move, or something a little more complex like having two forces of fighters alternatively swoop in and out at a point for a few minutes to clear out defenses and then flying in some bomber squadrons to deal a lethal blow to a mothership.

The system basically works as a finite state machine of ship groups, orders, points in space, and timing/order completion conditions. For example, the video below shows a basic pincer move. The logic behind it is essentially as follows:
  • Create two groups, each with half the ships of each type
  • Move them to each side of the given focal point for the tactic
  • Once both sides are in position, order them to attack the center

Please pardon the lower graphics settings I'm using in the game; the machine I'm currently working with isn't quite the most powerful :( so I can't use the fancy shields and there are a few lag/skips I'm still ironing out...

Anywho, there's much more to come! Keep checking back with us week by week for updates :)

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