Monday, July 15, 2013

The Plan

 In this week's post I'll be talking about some of our plans and goals for the next few months.

Before I go any further however, I'd like to emphasize that all plans are subject to change, they just reflect our current plans at this ephemeral moment in time.

Overall, our plan has had four main phases:

Phase 1: The drone combat system and our capstone. This phase has been pretty much completed.

Phase 2: RTS Design & Implementation. This is where we are planning to add some RTS elements to our game, and is the phase that we are currently working on.

Phase 3: "Big Content". This is the phase where we will build a real campaign and flesh out a story and add lots of content to greatly expand the gameplay beyond an hour or so.

Phase 4: "Marketing & Polishing". This is the final phase we've planned; Here, we would focus heavy duty on marketing and final polish details.

While we're currently in phase 2, we have done a good amount of the RTS design, and so have started doing some of the design for phase 3. Additionally, we are currently thinking of doing phases 3 and 4 slightly differently. In particular, we're thinking of focusing on about two or three missions for phase 3 initially, ones which will provide a good cross-section of gameplay, and which we can polish to a very high level.

The plan would then be to finish most of the design, and create a budget plan which we could use to set a target budget for a Kickstarter goal.

Finally, we would launch a kickstarter alongside a new, highly polished demo and see if we can actually make this game full-time.

Anyways, we've begun designing some of the missions for this demo, and we have some cool ideas. But I'll leave that for other people to talk about, in other future weeks.

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