Sunday, February 12, 2012


Over the last two weeks or so things have been moving ahead.

New Team Members
We recruited some awesome artists recently who have started working on some models to replace the programmer art we're currently using for the fighters, bombers and motherships.

Engine Refactoring
We're currently about halfway into our conversion from a hierarchical engine into a component-based engine, which should help clean up a lot of bits and pieces and allow us to do some really neat data driven things. In addition we're going through and cleaning up a lot of the leftover stuff from our previous project which have persisted in our engine so far.

We have some interesting ideas with this component based engine once we get it up and running. We're also looking into using Awesomium to rewrite our GUI code.

Some Outtakes

This emerged when we were trying to stress test our engine to find a polygon budget, but the initial attempt to make a cylinder got the winding order wrong for every other face, resulting in what looked like "sound" waves.

Since our test shapes looked like sandwich cookies, we decided to go all out with that until we get actual art assets. Technically its a usability improvement since its easier to distinguish friend from foe now...


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