Saturday, January 28, 2012

C++ Prototype First Look

Here's a few videos of the C++ side of our prototyping process. It's the more technical side, where we test out various features and mechanics, although it's a lot less pretty than Unity.


Drone combat is the more active fast paced side of Star Chronicles. Here's a look at what we've got for it so far. The beginning of the video shows the dust effect for a sense of motion and the camera zooming effect for a sense of speed. We then return to the battlefield to give a view of the scope of the combat. Finally we really enter the battle itself and try to take out some enemy ships.

Mothership View

Here we demonstrate what the battle looks like as a whole. From the mothership you can get an overview of the battle and see everything that's going on. We give a quick look around the battlefield to see it just as it's beginning and then move in for the action as it starts. Moving out again gives glimpse of just how epic the game is supposed to feel. Just imagine how it'll look when the fleets are full sized!

Mothership Orders

From the mothership you want to be able to do more than just look around. Commanding your ships is important and you'll want more agency than controlling a single one. This is where the squadron orders come in. Each squadron you control can be assigned to a different task, and of varying specificity. This video shows a quick battle and some task assignment by the player.

Other Features
There's a few other things you may notice in these videos. Ships can kamikaze dealing more damage than any standard weapon, but of course at a high price: the drone itself. In the drone combat video the player is actually destroyed at one point. However, when this happens the player is immediately granted control over another drone in their squadron. This drone becomes the new squadron leader and the rest will continue to follow the player around. When testing this can become problematic however, so we added in some cheats. The player activates god mode at the end of the video and turns completely white.

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