Thursday, March 1, 2012

Galactose & Luciferin


While refactoring our engine, due to a rather random series of events we changed the theme of our game to be about cupcakes vs dinner in space. This doesn't change the gameplay of the game significantly, but it does present a very different look and feel. Therefore, our game is now known as Galactose.

Luciferin (Engine)

We've completed the vast majority of our C++ engine overhaul behind the scenes recently and are back to working on improving the game beyond cleaning up our codebase. Basically, we now have a fairly nice component based engine.


We've added a few things since last time.
-Battlegrids, which help to help orient the player in the battlefield. These show up as a grid aligned to each mothership.
-a real model loader which parses obj files, and is used to render Madeleine's cupcake fighter, and also our quick programmer-art cake. (Thats still a work in progress, we haven't exported the material settings)
-basic toon shading - still very much a work in progress, though
-six degrees of rotational freedom for the fighter (you can fly in whatever orientation you want)

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