Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Music Update!

As of now, Galactose uses several tracks I have made prior to the game's known development. I have created new material along the way and sort of plugged them into the game. Some tracks were more effect, some were not.

Recently it did come to my attention that some of the music was a bit too epic which sort of took away from the artistic charm that the game has going for it.

I agree. However, to a certain degree there is some humor in having extremely epic over-the-top music when use sparingly or maybe just once.

I did get around to creating a brand new track for the tutorial mission called "Space Sprinkles."

After taking the review we had into consideration, I was going for here was a slower-paced feel to make sure things to seem too hectic right off the bat in the tutorial mission. There are some great thematic elements here and I did bring some old-school electronica sounds in to give it that sci-fi feel. The use of bright musical textures and a somewhat euphoric synth-scape that I cooked up does a good job to compliment the art style as well as the gameplay.

I am planning to work on more original music for Galactose as things come together.

In my experience it seems to be more effective to work with something that is almost a near finished product. In our case I'd really like to start cracking down when we get levels created and what not.

You can find the track "Space Sprinkles" here:

You'll also find some other Galactose related tracks on there as well. I'll be using that page to post up music examples just for the blog.

Feel free to check out my other stuff as well!

That's all for now as there isn't much I can really do musically until things start moving forward a bit more.

See you guys next time!

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