Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hello there fellow pilots

Hello there fellow pilots, Gamers, and food lovers alike. My name is Rob Summerhays and I am your fellow 3D Designer for this grand scrumptious game we call Galactose. I have been working on this game for half a year now coming up with concepts that the whole team discusses. I have worked on the carrot missals that you see on the salad turrets along with the salad turrets themselves. We currently are working on new ship designs and classes that will enhance and strengthen the space combat experience. I am currently working on a support class ship for the dessert side. This ship will be vital in your battles ahead. Protecting you from the dinner with a shield or healing your units on the battle field. I really cant wait to see how our game further develops and grows with our new upcoming ships and our RTS system being worked on by the whole team. We look forward to your amazing feedback everyday and strive to make an experience that is both fun and unique to our fellow space explorers. Thats all I have for now but will come at you with another update next week. In the meantime keep gaming and keep baking!    

1 comment:

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