Monday, December 17, 2012

Hello! I'm Matthew, music composer and sound designer for Galactose!

Hello Galactose Fans! I'm Matthew Pablo, a well seasoned composer in the professional video game industry. I am glad to finally officially announce my involvement with Galactose: Pastries in Space! As of now, there are several exciting audio tracks in the game which I have composed. I also create those exciting sound effects you hear in Galactose.

I was first contacted by John, one of the leading developers on the game when they were looking for some fairly simple music tracks to just kind of paste into the game and asked if they could use one of my pre-made tracks from my website. When I actually first played a demo for the game, I was really inspired to create brand new and original music to really bring Galactose to life! Currently, I'm working closely with the developers to create an immersive music and audio experience. With the few music tracks in the game, there will surely be more to come! Stay updated on our blog for updates on new music, gameplay and more!

Recently, I created our first official announcement trailer. I produced the video and composed the music for the trailer as well. Check it out!

Also, if you want to follow me on my website for updates on new music, visit my official website:

From me, John, David and the rest of our development team to our Galactose fans; Thanks for all your positive feedback and support! We hope you all continue to support our game!

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