Sunday, April 1, 2012

Updates and What Have You

Updated Models
We've gotten newer versions of a few models and some new ones altogether. The motherships have been replaced with (nearly) their final versions. UV's and texturing are still temporary but the main structure is all there! The burger has also been updated with new wings and some guns, and the temporary bomber has been replaced with the pie ship.

New Hard Points
We've gotten the rest of the hard point types implemented: shields, main cannons, and engines. The shield generator emits a field around the mothership that block incoming projectiles but it allows ships to pass through and projectiles can still exit through it. The engines just allow the ship to move. While the player ship is the only one that actually does move right now, the speed is now dependent on the number of engine type hard points remaining. Lastly the main cannons are operational. They deal huge amounts of damage but have a long cooldown and won't be very useful in a fight until the enemy's shields are down.

Look and Feel
The shader's been updated and is back to smooth rendering as the noise effect wasn't terribly popular. Space itself is also a little brighter now helping give the game a more cartoony look. The mothership UI has also been updated a little bit to show the squadrons as icons with health bars for how many ships they still have. It's still a long way from where we want but its getting closer to UI that's been planned. Lastly some camera effects have been added such as interpolating, making everything look a little more smooth and giving a better view of the models, and a camera shake when the player takes damage.

There's been a few other minor changes worth mentioning as well. The AI has improved a bit and the bombers will actually make passes at their targets. We almost made it so that after ten seconds of inactivity in the player drone the AI takes over. This was originally a debug feature to look into what exactly the AI does, but we found its also good for little things like keeping the player from flying out of the battlefield and walking away. The battlefield has also been expanded and the motherships are much larger now, allowing for more hard points and a longer more widespread battle.

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